Mandatory Heat Exchanger Testing
Save Money. Reduce Downtime.


3A-FDA-USDA-PMO-FSMA-CFIA have established mandatory guidelines to test Heat Exchangers for internal plate defects using a validated test procedure. Thermalines Patented CCT 4.0 Tester provides documented results of the test and is easy to use requiring only electricity and plant air to operate.

A factory trained technician travels to your facility
and tests your heat exchangers, provides you
with compliance documentation of the results and
advises further action if needed.
Price varies with number of units tested per visit, travel
expenses, pipe removal/installation. Weekend, Holiday
and Standby rates apply. (Inquire for details)

Average CCT test by a Factory Trained
Technician ranges from $2000 – $4000
per visit for 2-8 heat exchangers.


Save Time and Money with the Right Testing Plan.


Call and ask for an estimate at 844-544-1706.