Centrex Technical Sales is a “Master Distributor” for Alfa Laval. Centrex maintains an extensive inventory of Alfa Laval products and parts. By choosing Alfa Laval, you can draw on the broadest sanitary product portfolio on the market. Impeccable quality and engineering throughout ensure the highest standards of reliability, durability, and hygiene for our customers. Alfa Laval is your assurance of many years of trouble-free service with fast return on investment, and minimum operation and maintenance costs. Alfa Laval has more than one hundred years of experience and expertise gained from customers in more than 100 countries all over the world. Alfa Laval is a world leader in innovation and design of groundbreaking sanitary process equipment addressing specific market demands and customer needs.

They do more than understand. They also have the necessary experience and expertise to help you meet all your special requirements. With the widest range of sanitary products and accessories in the world, Alfa Laval is sure of being able to provide you with the solutions you need. There products include tough centrifugal pumps, CIP’able positive displacement pumps, a full line of heat exchangers, a full range of sanitary valves, tank and cleaning equipment, and clamp, weld and threaded installation material. Alfa Laval customers are accustomed to receiving high-quality, detailed product documentation describing specifications, applications, and every aspect of operation. This means that when you purchase equipment from Alfa Laval, you can always be sure that it can be installed quickly and efficiently, and that it is designed and configured to perform in precisely the way you need. High-quality Alfa Laval stainless steel products meet the highest standards of hygiene and cleanability at manufacturing and processing plants all over the world. Alfa Laval is addressing the needs of tomorrow today.

Alfa Laval operates 20 research and development centers around the world. These are where market requirements and scientific creativity meet to produce new solutions, based on a combination of the latest technology and years of field experience, to produce the products and equipment you will be needing tomorrow.


Alfa Laval Products



  • 700 Series
  • Unique Mixproof Valve
  • Unique PMO & PMO Plus Series
  • Unique 7000
  • Unique Tank Outlet
  • Inditop
  • Thinktop Basic
  • Think Top
  • LKB Butterfly
  • Tri Cover LKB Ultrapure
  • Maual & Specialty Valves
  • Filters and Strainers
  • Tank Equipment
  • Plate Heat Exchangers