Steam Trap Management System

*Steam trap management system comprised of a precision trap survey instrument and management software.*

Benefits and Features

  • Automatic High Precision Judgement of Steam Trap Operation Status

The diagnostic instrument compares ultrasonic and temperature readings with laboratory data to determine whether trap operation is normal or failed and, where indicated by the judgment, the estimated amount of steam leakage is calculated.Steam trap malfunctions can be discovered soon after they occur, which contributes to the stable operation of the steam equipment.

  • Easy to UseSurvey2-271x300

Compact, light-weight and easy to operate.Each reading takes only 15 seconds, so surveys can be completed in a short time.Preparation time can be greatly reduced by transferring data from a computer before the survey.Only Diagnostic Instrument is Required Onsite

  • Only Diagnostic Instrument is Required Onsite

There is no need for paper or writing implements.The diagnostic instrument not only makes the judgment of operation, but it can also be used for entering and storing information concerning the steam trap’s surroundings.

  • Application Areas

Steam trap diagnosis and management.


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• Includes TM5N – a precision steam trap diagnosis instrument
• Includes TrapManager® – specialized software to analyze, summarize and report results
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